Q: Is weigh-ins with the gi or without?

A: All competitors weigh in WITHOUT the gi.

Q: Is there a 1 lb allowance given?

A: Yes, there is a 1 lb allowance given. Also, please keep in mind 1 lb means 1 lb. If you weigh in at 1.2 lbs over. To make weight you'll have to lose the .2 lbs and then come back and re-weigh-in.

Q: How many times do I have to weigh in?

A: You only have to weigh-in ONE TIME. Just pick either Friday night or Saturday. It doesn't matter which one you choose. What matters most is that you show up on time for whatever day you choose.

Q: Will I be disqualified if I don't make weight for the weight class I signed up for?

A: No, if you don't make weight we will just move you up to the next weight-class after you weigh-in.

Q: How come there is no absolute or open weight class to sign up for?

A: No. With a submission only tournament format and with the qualifier matches being 8 minutes for white belts and 15 minutes for blue, purple, brown & black, guys will just be too exhuasted to be able to do an open class division.

Q: Is there a consolation match or a 2nd match guarantee offered?

A: No. Being our qualifier matches are so long guys will be getting more mat time by default, then they would at a point style tournament where the matches are 4, 5 or 6 minutes. With a 15 minute qualifier match that goes the distance you already have gotten the equivalent of 3 matches if it where a 5-minute point style bjj tournament.

Q: Is there finish time guarantee?

A: No. With this new format it's just too hard to nail down these specifics. However, this is something The Good Fight has already proven it can do very well. So rest assured that you will get a smoothly run tournament.

Q: What happens if I'm the only one signed up for my weigh-class?

A: We will bracket you up one weight-class within your age category (if you are white or blue). Or we will bracket you up or down an age group depending on what you want. We will call you over to the bracketing area and ask you what option you would like to take advantage of. Sometimes we will form an Absolute division so you will have a division. Either way: count on have a bracket to compete in!

If you look at the wrestler list online and see only 1 competitor in your division don't worry. Most of the registration occurs the week prior to the tournament. Also, looking at the competitor list online gives you a good idea of what to expect; but it's not 100% accurate because all competitors still have to make weight to determine the final bracket count for each division.