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Maryland Open (Gi & NoGi Divisions)

Sub-Only: no points, no advantages, no ref decisions, no time limit finals!

June 7, 2014

Venue: University of Maryland: Ritchie Coliseum,
3 Rossborough Dr. College Park, MD 20740

Pay-at-the-Door Pricing: $90 for 1 division /  $110 for 2 divisions

6/06 & 6/07   -You registered online; but didn't pay online! CASH ONLY

On-Site Registration Is Available: CASH ONLY

FRIDAY: 6-8 pm at the venue

SATURDAY: 8-9 am: kids/teens;

8 am -12 pm: adult gi;

8 am -3 pm: adult nogi

Pre-Registration: This tournament is pre-registration only. We offer online pricing discounts for competitors who choose to register and pay online. We also offer the option to pay cash at the door for competitors who choose to register online without paying. Click here for details and instructions!

Fee Structure: There are 3 price levels: early bird, regular and pay-at-the-door. Competitors who register & pay online by the early bird or regular pricing deadlines receive the lowest pricing. You must pay online to recieve the discount. If you register yourself without paying online you will pay the cooresponding pay-at-the-door pricing when you arrive at the tournament.