Attention Competitors & Instructors:

WIN the Team Champion Award at any Good Fight in 2024,
and Your Entire Team Qualifies to Compete FREE of Charge at
Sub-Only WORLDS on December 14, 2024

On December 14, 2024, The Good Fight will host its annual Sub-Only WORLDS. Each year we bring together some of the best jiu-jitsu competitors from all ages and ranks. Your students have the opportunity to compete against different competitors, from different areas, that they ordinarily wouldn’t have had the chance to compete against. Below, you'll find 3 more great reasons WHY you should consider attending!

Reason #1: Qualified competitors compete free.

It’s the best competition because we offer ‘Qualifier Tournaments’ from Jan 1, 2024 through December 7, 2024. This means any competitor that WINS 1st place in their respective bracket is invited to compete at Sub-Only WORLDS free of charge.

Reason #2: Registration is open to all.

Registration is OPEN to anyone who would like to enter. Competitors from various academies and various grappling styles are welcome to register and compete. This brings in a wide variety of different athletes all wanting to claim the title as: Sub-Only WORLDS Champion.

Reason #3:
A lot of teams will be there.

Sub-Only WORLDS attracts some of the best jiu-jitsu competition out there because all academies that WIN the 1st Place Team Champion Award at one our ‘Qualifier Tournaments’ will have earned a spot for their WHOLE TEAM to compete for FREE at Sub-Only WORLDS.

Win 1st Place = Compete for Free!

That’s right!

When your team WINS the 1st Place Team Award, your whole team is eligible to compete FREE of charge at Sub-Only WORLDS on December 14, 2024.

Keep in mind, we offer 2 1st Place Team Champion Awards at our larger tournaments.

  • ONE for the kids/teens team winner
  • and ONE for the adult/executive/master team winner.
  • WIN one of these awards and your team goes to SO WORLDS FREE of charge!

At our smaller tournaments, we offer 1 team champion award that combines the points from kids/teens and adult/executive/master divisions.

Here is how your team can earn points toward the TEAM CHAMPION AWARDS:

  • Win 1st place: 15 points
  • Win 2nd place: 10 points
  • Win 3rd place: 5 points
  • Submit opponent in regulation time: 2 points

Remember, any of your students that WIN 1st place in their bracket will automatically qualify to compete in Sub-Only WORLDS for FREE.

When your team WINS the 1st place Team Champion Award, then your WHOLE TEAM qualifies to compete in Sub-Only Worlds for FREE(Yes…all of your students that wish to compete at Sub-Only Worlds, are eligible to compete free of charge when your team wins the 1st place team award at any Good Fight ‘Qualifier Tournament’ in 2024).

If Your TEAM has Qualified for SO Worlds,
You Must Register Online by following the Instructions Below:

  • You MUST Pre-Register online HERE!
  • Your name & academy MUST match the exact name & academy you used in the tournament where you qualified.
  • DO NOT pay online with your credit card.
    Instead, select Pay Option: 'Pay with Cash/Check'
  • There will be NO onsite registrations permitted at Sub-Only Worlds.
  • The deadline for pre-registering as a qualified athlete is 11:59 pm on December 9, 2024.
  • Failure to read and follow the above instructions will result in being disqualified from competing.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to READ closely and carefully the instructions above on HOW TO REGISTER to properly redeem your earned qualification.
  • If you don't understand the above instructions, it is YOUR responsibility to email BEFORE 11:59 pm on December 9, 2024, with your question.
  • If you send an email AFTER the deadline of 11:59 pm on December 9, 2024, asking how to register or wanting to know IF you can still register, you WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE.

We look forward to seeing you at Sub-Only Worlds,

The Good Fight STAFF