Rules Regarding Sportsmanship.

There is no taunting or teasing your opponent. There is no mocking or laughing at your opponent. There is no name calling or bullying your opponent. No excessive celebrating and/or showboating is allowed while on the mat.


It's poor sportsmanship to enter a lower skill division, when you are a much better skilled competitor. This is called sandbagging. It shows lack of character and lack of courage. The Good Fight stands against sandbagging. Be honest, do your best and man up by entering your TRUE skill level and/or category.

Wrestlers & Judo Players

Wrestlers should not enter the white belt nogi division. They should enter the blue belt nogi division. If a wrestler is doing Gi, they should use their best discretion when entering either white or blue belt division.

Also, to ensure a fair and competitive division to our beginner grappling friends; judo players, sambo players and any other form of hybrid or eclectic grapplers should enter in at the blue belt level.


The following will lead to immediate disqualification by the referee. If a competitor breaks any of the rules below or is officially warned, or blatantly attempts to hurt their opponent, shows bad sportsmanship they will lose the match by DQ, immediately with no refund.


Foul Language

The use of foul language, cursing, or other immoral acts of disrespect towards the referee or any of the assisting public.


Intent to Hurt

Biting, hair pulling, putting fingers into the eyes or nose of one’s opponent is illegal. Intentionally seeking to injure genitalia or use fists, feet, knees, elbows, or head with the intention to hurt or gain unfair advantage is illegal. Slamming your opponent from the guard is illegal.


Ripped Gi

When the fighter has his gi ripped during the fight, the referee will give him a set time to change it. If the fighter does not change it in time he will be disqualified.



Competitors must wear underwear under their gi pants and nogi grappling shorts. This keeps in mind the risk that the gi or grappling shorts might get torn open. If this occurs, the athlete will be given a set time determined by the referee to find another pair of gi pants or shorts to wear. If the athlete cannot change within the set time, he will be immediately disqualified.


Disrespecting a Referee

The Good Fight will be fully enforcing a zero-tolerance rule of disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, verbally abusing referees or cursing at referees for the entirety of the event. If any coach, parent, friend or competitor verbally or physically threatens a referee in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the venue by security with no refund.

If any competitor curses publicly or at their opponent, the ref has full discretion on whether the competitor should receive a warning or be DQ'ed. If the competitor is DQ'ed for this it is for the entirety of the tournament. They may not compete in any other divisions that day.

The decisions of the referees and Tournament Officials are 100% FINAL.