Team Points & Team Awards.

Individual competitors earn points for their team in the following ways:

  • 15 points: by placing 1st in their bracket
  • 10 points: by placing 2nd in their bracket
  • 5 points: by placing 3rd in their bracket
  • 2 points: by winning their match by submission in regulation time. Please note: if the match goes into 'sudden death' overtime, the winning competitor advances in the bracket, however he does not earn the 2 points for his team.

Team points are important because they are added together and used to determine a team winner for each Good Fight tournament.


Team awards will given out at each Good Fight Tournament.

  • 1 will go to the kids/teens team champion
  • 1 will go to the adult/exec/master team champions.

Winners must have someone from their team at the tournament to receive the award. Missed team awards will not be mailed out.