Novice Division Explained

Our Novice division is available for kids ages 4-12 yrs old. It is our entry level division and is a non-competitive division. We create round-robin brackets designed to give brand new kids experience in a jiu-jitsu tournament. Each child gets at least 2 matches per division.

Please note: there are not winners or losers in this division. All children who enter will receive a participation medal. If you child is brand new and has never competed before this is a good choice for you. However, IF your child is ready for competition then the beginner division would be a better choice for you.

NOVICE Match Length: 3 minutes.

NOVICE Match Format

There are no points or advantage points calculated for any moves or positions. For the children's safety, referees are instructed to stop a match before a full submission is in place. In case of a tap or referee stoppage: the match will stop; both children will reset from the standing position; the match will then re-start and continue until the 3 minutes are up.


Our novice division is designed like an 'supervised roll'. There is nothing to win or lose. It's designed for newer children to the sport to gain experience.

Your child will be able to gage where he or she is at. They'll know by the end of the match how many times they where submitted and/or how many times they've submitted someone else.

The goal of this division is to build confidence in newer children and give them a fun day. We believe this division is great for brand new children and will result in longer retention. Thereby lengthening their competitive jiu jitsu career by preventing a bad experience.