"You guys put on a great event this past weekend, great work and my hats off to all of the refs."

- Wesley Shover

"Thank you very much for recording the matches! This was the best BJJ tournament I have ever competed in and I'm excited to compete again in the future."

- Ryan Gellner

I just wanted to drop a note to compliment your organization on our experience at the tournament on Saturday, October 21, in London, Kentucky. It was our first Good Fight tournament, but I certainly hope it isn’t the last. My 16-year old competed in the event, and had one of the most intense matches I have ever seen him involved in. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful, and in all of my conversations with them they could not have been nicer.

I am a lifelong resident, and this was the first time that any jiu jitsu tournament had been held in London. The turnout was amazing, and I am excited about the possibility that Good Fight might return here again. 
Congratulations on a well-run event, on having quality staff running the tournament, and we hope to see you again!

- Harold Dyche

"Thank you for hosting such an incredible tournament. That was my first tournament and it was an amazing experience! 

Looking forward to competing in the near future! Hope you have a great year!"

- Manuel Hicks

"I just wanna say that while I did win the brown black gi division the tournament was run excellent. It's the second good fight tournament I did and I will continue doing them because the referees were great the schedule was on point and it was very professional. Look forward to seeing you in the future."

- Kyle Farrison

"I would like for you to know that I had one of the greatest BJJ experiences ever at my very first "Good Fight" tournament! Everything went smooth and with out a hitch from what I can see. I've done IBJJF & NAGA; you're running things smooth like IBJJF and not horrible like NAGA. All I can say is I will be looking forward to more "Good Fight" events! Keep up the great work! Thank you for an awesome day. I will pass on my experiences to my teammates."

- Pisey Tan

"I loved the tournament, when I first walked in I noticed a lack of competitors, but both of my brackets were full, the officating was great. A lot of the refs came up and congraduated me after I won my gold medal. That meant a lot to me. Overall a great tournament and I'll be sure to come back for the next tournament!"

- Morgan Cavanagh

"I like the rules a lot. It seems like The Good Fight is trying to simulate a real fight as much as possible; one on one at least. Also, the competitors are good people and generally seem to respect the sport and art."

- Jay Cee

"The Rochester Rumble was very well run. Bill was great and did everything he could to get all of our competitors as much mat time as possible. With a three and a half hour drive ask of us really appreciated not showing up to be told there was nobody in our bracket and nothing that could be done about it.

I prefer the submission only format, there's no argument to be had about who won. There are no points to be argued about, no advantages, no stalling. Submission only tournaments are the purist form of sport jiu-jitsu that we could possibly have. I really appreciate that as an organization you have moved away from the IBJJF rule set. Allowing more attacks at the colored belt levels, and lower body attacks will force competitors to reevaluate the way they look at their training and realize that there is a whole other half of their body they need to be aware of when rolling.

As far as holding another good fight tournament in Rochester, personally I'd like to see you move toward Albany. We drove almost 4 hours to Rochester and just under 4 hours for the NY Summer classic earlier this year. It's a deterrent for some of my teammates especially our kids program(and their parents)to drive so far too compete. I think we could double or number of participant competitors if you had an event closer to Albany. The only competition we have here is NAGA, which I feel is poorly run/officiated with no consideration of the people there. You show up and if there's nobody in your bracket they barely do anything to get you even one match. I hope you will consider this as an optionabs would love to see submission only make its way to New York's capital.

Thank you for a well run tournament that puts good jiu-jitsu above stalling to win by a take down or stalling out with one advantage to win."

- Bob Miller

"I really like the submission only format where no points are awarded, ensuring either competitor in each match has an even chance to earn the win.

Bill did a great job moving brackets around making sure everyone had guaranteed matches. This was the first tournament I've participated in in which I competed in more than one match even though I've signed up for multiple divisions in the past.

The competitors are also better sports in the Good Fight tournaments I've found. Submission only leaves very little room if any for question or discussion regarding the deserving winner. I have yet to meet a sore loser, or a sore winner at a Good Fight tournament. This was my second experience with Good Fight (Long Island and Rochester) and I definitely plan future trips (Brooklyn, this year) to Good Fight tournaments.

Bill emplored everyone to learn something, make friends and have fun. I can say I've done all three at each Good Fight.

Thank you for hosting a submission only format. It's how jiu-jitsu should be, run by a group of competent individuals who understand that."

- Veronica Gbur

"I've both competed in and brought my students since the Good Fight started doing events in my state. They are by far the best run tournaments we go to all year and the staff some of the easiest to deal with I've encountered. My school makes it a point to support them whenever possible and to constantly encourage other people to get involved with their events."

- Scott White

"I appreciate their regard to safety. Competitors get more mat time with less waiting and the Good Fight's trademarked well-run tournament. Keep up the good work and I choose Good Fight over Naga given all of the above. My son Sam will be competing in another one soon."

- Mary Ellen

"The event was was very well organized and ran properly. I have no complaints really. Great event and I would definitely come back to another Good Fight Sub Only tournament again."

- Sunni Imhotop

"I competed in the Good Fight Tournament this past Saturday in Pitman, NJ for the NJ Open. I represented Team Senshi Tori in the heavyweight division. Just wanted to say I love what you guys are doing with your organization and I had a great time, as did our entire team. Hopefully I’ll see you in Brooklyn for the Winter Open. Best Regards!"

- Jason Logan

"The tournament is well organized! fights star and end right on time! Also since the good fight switched to submission only I feel comfortable for my opponent to throw me, pass my guard and be more aggressive with me because I don't have to worry about him scoring points in me."

- Darion Mortley

"I competed in The Maryland open this past weekend And had a blast! Thanks for putting together great tournaments!"

- Kyle Bennett

"The Good Fight Tournaments are some of the finest & well run sporting competitions I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of!"

- Matt Rich

"Loved the style. No points, submission only, and longer fights. It's how Jiu Jitsu competitions should be.

You guys were organized and kept things moving. You also created an atmosphere that that is good for bringing the family. Good job guys!"

- Adam Lowrey

"Hi Jimmy...I wanted to say thank you for Saturday. It was my son, Guy Zoda's first experience in a tournament. My son and a young boy named Kevin had a 56 minute match that we decided to call a draw with two first place champions! My son is a very shy boy that has the learning disability dyslexia. That 56 minute match has given him confidence that I've never seen in my son before. His teacher Joseph Capizzi and class mates at NYCBJJ were all amazed of the length of the match, which again helped his confidence tremendously. Again I would like to thank you the referees and your assistance for helping to make that day a memorable and very special day for my son."

- Guy Zoda

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