No Points + No Advantages +
No Ref Decisions = Freedom & Safety

It is your responsibility to know the rules. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with The Good Fight sub-only rules format.

NEW SAFETY RULE: Because of the affects of traumatic brain injury when strangulation occurs: any competitor who is rendered unconscious through a rear naked choke or by any other means during a match, will NOT be permitted to continue competing for the entirety of the tournament. There will be no exceptions to this rule!
Neurological Implications of Strangulation Commentary Sheet Here!

Kids - Novice Rules

Is your child brand new to bjj competition? If so, our Novice division might be the perfect fit. We offer this division for children ages 4-12.

Kids - Teens Rules

We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Gi & NoGi divisions for kids ages 4-12 and teen ages 13-15 yrs old.

Adult Rules

Learn what is allowed at each belt level. Age categories are:

  • Adults 16-29 yrs old
  • Executive: 30-39 yrs old
  • Master 40+ yrs old

Uniform Rules & Cleanliness

Learn our uniform & cleanliness rules for both gi and nogi divisions. You'll also find info regarding mouth-guards, groin cups, wrestling shoes and ear-guards.

Sportsmanship Rules

Sportsmanship isn't about criticizing the "ONE" who didn't win on "That ONE" day... it's about appreciating and supporting their hard work amidst failures!


We use a block-bracketing system to group together weight-classes for kids & teens. All adult divisions have set weight-classes. Learn more here!

Team Points

Learn how you, as an individual competitor, can earn points for your team. Each tournament we give away special prizes to our team champions.

Understanding Brackets

We work hard to put together the best brackets we can. Learn more about HOW our brackets work and about where you can view brackets online.