Attention: Good Fight Competitors!

The website for the 2023 Sub-Only World Championships is live and registration is OPEN!

All the information you’ll need can be found here:

All competitors, both kids and adults, who have won 1st place at any Good Fight qualifying tournament in 2023, have qualified to compete free of charge at Sub-Only Worlds.

This qualification earns you a complimentary entry fee into The Good Fight 2023 SO World Championships ONLY.

  • It can NOT be used for any other Good Fight tournament.
  • If you choose NOT to use your free qualification entry fee, it will expire after the 2023 SO Worlds is over.

Here is the link with the instructions you MUST follow to register online as a qualified athlete:

If your TEAM won a team championships award at a Good Fight tournament in 2023, your entire team is eligible to compete at the 2023 SO World Championships.

A few final things to note about Sub-Only Worlds.

ONE: Anyone can enter this tournament. It is open to all competitors.

  • Qualified athletes are eligible to compete free of charge.
  • Nonqualified athletes are eligible to compete, but must register and pay online to do so.

TWO: There is NO 2nd match guarantee at SO Worlds.

  • Depending on the size and structure of the bracket, if you lose your 1st match, you are not guaranteed a 2nd fight.

THREE: There is NO on-site registration available at SO Worlds.

  • All competitors MUST pre-register online. This includes qualified athletes, as well as nonqualified athletes.

FOUR: There is NO Novice division for kids at SO Worlds.

  • The lowest skill category would be Beginner.

FIVE: IF your child or teen has won 2 Gold medals at a past Good Fight tournament in the beginner division, they will automatically be bumped up to intermediate division at SO Worlds.

If your child or teen has won 2 Gold medals in the intermediate division. If this is the case, they will be bumped to the advanced category.

If you have any other questions, regarding the 2023 SO Worlds, please reach out to:

The Good Fight STAFF