Sub-Only Pans
June 11, 2022

Venue: Branchburg Sports Complex
47 Readington Rd, Branchburg, NJ 08876

Please note: for Sub-Only Pans there is NO 2nd match guarantee in effect.

We are at Full Capacity. Registration is CLOSED.
There is NO ON-SITE Registration.

on-site transactions need to be satisfied in CASH ONLY!

(this includes: spectator tickets & add-on divisions.)

Pre-Paid Online w/Credit Card

$69 for 1 division
$89 for 2 divisions

Guaranteed Free T-Shirt

Pre-Paid Online w/Credit Card

$85 for 1 division
$105 for 2 divisions

Guaranteed Free T-Shirt


IF you did NOT pay online you will pay the following cash prices at the door:

$105 for 1 division
$125 for 2 divisions

We are at Full Capacity!

Registration is now CLOSED! There is NO On-Site Registration.

Qualified Athletes Compete FREE.

If you won 1st place, or if your team won the team champion award, at a Good Fight tournament during the months of January - June 4, 2022 you have qualified to compete at Sub-Only Pans for free.

Qualified Competitors CLICK HERE for Registration Instructions!

AWARDS: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place custom-medals are awarded to place-winners for each bracket.

TEAM AWARDS: 1 team awards will given out to the team champion on the tournament.

DIVISIONS AVAILABLE: BOTH Gi & NoGi divisions are available!

  • Kids & Teens Gi & NoGi divisions which are broken up by AGE, SKILL LEVEL & WEIGHT.
  • Female Gi & NoGi divisions are available for adults ages 16 years and older.
  • Men Adult (16-29 years) divisions are available for white, blue & purple belts.
  • Men Executive (30-39 years) divisions are available white & blue belts.
  • Men Masters (40+ years) divisions are available for white & blue belts.
  • Men Executive & Masters (30+ years) division is available for purple belts.
  • A combined age category of 18 yrs. & up is available for brown & black belt in Gi and NoGi.

Tournament Schedule

 7:45 am: Scales OPEN for kids/teens ONLY
9:00 am: Scales CLOSE for all kids/teens
9:30 am: Kids Advanced Gi
9:45 am: Kids Intermediate Gi
10:00 am: Kids Beginner/Novice Gi
10:30 am: Teens Gi
11:00 am: Kids Advanced/Intermediate NoGi
11:30 am: Kids Beginner & Novice NoGi
12:00 pm: Teens NoGi

Scales DO NOT OPEN for Adults until 9:00 am

12:00 noon: Scales CLOSE for adult Gi
12:30 pm: Female Gi
12:45 pm: Brown/Black belt Gi
1:00 pm: Purple belt Gi
1:30 pm: Blue belt Gi
2:30 pm: White belt Gi

3:00 pm: Scales CLOSE for adult NoGi
3:45 pm: Female NoGi
4:00 pm: Brown/Black belt NoGi
4:15 pm: Purple belt NoGi
4:45 pm: Blue belt NoGi
5:45 pm: White belt NoGi

Spectator Tickets

Tickets will NOT be mailed to you. All tickets are will-call and can be picked up when you arrive at the tournament.

It is recommended you arrive at least 1 hour prior
to the start time of the competitor
you want to watch compete.

Spectator Tickets are available for SALE at the door.

$20 for ages (13 yrs & older)

$15 for ages (8-12 yrs)

Free for ages & yrs and younger.

Payment is $ CASH ONLY $


Competitors weigh-in without the gi.
There is a 1 lb allowance given for each weight-class.

  • If you weigh in at 1.2 lbs over you'll have to lose the .2 lbs to make weight.
  • If you don't make weight you move you up to the next weight-class after you weigh-in.

You can step on the scale as many times as you need to until the scales close.

There will NOT be night-before weigh-ins.

SATURDAY: Weigh-Ins Schedule

  • 9 am: scales close for Kids/Teens

Scales DO NOT OPEN for adults until 9 am.

  • 12 pm: scales close for Adult Gi competitors
  • 3 pm: scales close for Adult NoGi competitors

Note: if you are competing in both gi & nogi divisions you only weigh-in once by 12 pm.

  • The nogi time-slot is only for adult that are just doing NoGi.

IMPORTANT: You MUST be on time! When planning drive time please take into account traffic and the possibility of getting lost so you are not late. If you are late for weigh-ins you will be disqualified.


Family Discounts

When you pre-register 2 or more family members or teammates on the same invoice, you automatically receive an additional $5 discount per division.

  • Team Discounts: Bring a team of 10 or more.

$60 for 1 division
$80 for 2 divisions

To receive the team discount you MUST pre-register online and do these 3 things:

  • Select the "Pay with Cash/Check" option.
  • Click "continue" to submit your pre-reg.
  • Pay CASH ONLY when you arrive to weigh-in.

  • College, Military & 1st Responder Discounts

$5 OFF each division you register for.

Register online & use the coupon code below that is for you. You will need to show your ID upon check-in.

  • college
  • military
  • responder

You MUST register and pay online
by the early-bird pricing deadline to receive $5 off each division.
You'll pay $64 for 1 division or $79 for 2 divisions.

You MUST register and pay online by the late pricing deadline to receive $5 off each division.
You'll pay $80 for 1 division or $95 for 2 divisions.

If you DO NOT pay online with your credit card you would receive $10 off the on-site price point.
You'll pay cash at-the-door of $95 for 1 division or
$115 for 2 divisions.